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Learn about our grease trap cleaning services and and why our customers want to work with us.

You will undoubtedly be able to assess the significance of a clean, functional exhaust system if you are in charge of your own commercial kitchen. Any company that values the calibre of the food it serves to clients also values giving its staff a healthy work environment. This is only completely achievable with routine exhaust system maintenance because the results of neglecting your exhaust system can be fatal to both your business and people’s lives.

Grease Trap Cleaning

The grease trap is made to catch all particles, even non-biodegradable ones, that are flushed down the drain. The solids in the trap will still need to be cleaned, albeit less frequently and expensively.

As a grease trap cleaning company, Degrease All comprises experienced and professional experts. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly remove, clean and dispose of all grease, wastewater, fats and oils from your system.

Grease Trap Repair

The usually experienced oil trap issue begins from an absence of opportune overhauling. Assuming that your oil trap turns out to be unnecessarily full, the oil will start pouring out of the essential compartment into the optional one. This will before long prompt stops up in the lines driving into and out of the oil trap. At Degrease All we focus on taking care of your grease trap, so you can focus on your business. We know when running a business, such as a restaurant, that a grease trap is the last thing you want to deal with or even on your mind. Let us take care of this grease maintenance essential service, and call our technicians for all your grease trap repairs.

Grease Trap Installation / Removal

We are knowledgeable with replacing above-ground, below-ground, and overhead grease interceptors. When selecting a new grease trap, many choices must be considered. The least expensive option is to use a perfect match because fitting it will require less plumbing. The majority of restaurants use underground metal grease traps that leak as a result of corrosion.

Due to grease leaks into the earth beneath the foundation, we have observed numerous instances of fly infestation. The most crucial consideration when replacing an inground unit is that the new one must be completely flush with the floor to prevent creating a trip hazard.


Reduce the risk of grease fires

Improve exhaust fan performance

Potentially lower insurance rates

Improve kitchen airflow

Prolong the service life

Call Degrease All

Eight situations to help you determine when you should call us:

  1. your kitchen exhaust hood clogged.
  2. the flue is not sucking air.
  3. the temperature in your restaurant feels hotter than usual or normal.
  4. you start to notice extra smoke in your kitchen.
  5. the door to your kitchen starts to blow open.
  6. your kitchen exhaust system is starting to make noise.
  7. your kitchen started smelling like stale food.
  8. You want to avoid all the above and keep your exhaust performing well for long time.