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Hood Cleaning Service

We are aware that a commercial kitchen is constantly buzzing with activity. Orders are being taken, food is being cooked and served to perfection, and servers are rushing to get everything out. Not to mention, it’s quite stressful. While ensuring that each and every one of your clients is completely delighted with the food and service they receive, it’s quite easy to forget about the other duties associated with managing a restaurant operation. For instance, be sure to regularly inspect and clean your kitchen’s equipment and exhaust system. Even though this may not always be the most enjoyable or satisfying aspect of running a business, it is crucial from a health and safety viewpoint to avoid unintentional damage or kitchen fires.

Hood Cleaning Explained

You might be wondering what your kitchen exhaust system accomplishes specifically and why it’s so crucial to keep it maintained properly. The purpose of the kitchen exhaust system is to eliminate oil vapours and direct smoke outside of the kitchen. By doing so, the building’s air quality is maintained while also reducing the risk of fire. However, as the grease vapours and smoke in the exhaust system begin to accumulate, it can start to contaminate the air within the structure and even catch fire, starting a fire in the kitchen. If you don’t plan routine exhaust system cleanings, your restaurant is at risk.


Reduce the risk of grease fires

Improve exhaust fan performance

Potentially lower insurance rates

Improve kitchen airflow

Prolong the service life

Call Degrease All

Eight situations to help you determine when you should call us:

  1. your kitchen exhaust hood clogged.
  2. the flue is not sucking air.
  3. the temperature in your restaurant feels hotter than usual or normal.
  4. you start to notice extra smoke in your kitchen.
  5. the door to your kitchen starts to blow open.
  6. your kitchen exhaust system is starting to make noise.
  7. your kitchen started smelling like stale food.
  8. You want to avoid all the above and keep your exhaust performing well for long time.