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Our team offers exhaust cleaning services

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Learn about our exhaust cleaning services and and why our customers want to work with us.

You will undoubtedly be able to assess the significance of a clean, functional exhaust system if you are in charge of your own commercial kitchen. Any company that values the calibre of the food it serves to clients also values giving its staff a healthy work environment. This is only completely achievable with routine exhaust system maintenance because the results of neglecting your exhaust system can be fatal to both your business and people’s lives.

Exhaust Cleaning Service

You should maintain your exhaust system for a number of technical reasons, but it is our responsibility to determine what they are. What you must comprehend is:

  • A fire can spread quickly if there is grease accumulation in the exhaust system.
  • Have you ever questioned the cause of your skyrocketing electricity bill?
  • Unmaintained exhaust systems cause airflow to be disrupted, which raises electricity usage. Please give us a call right away!
  • Your employees’ health issues from poor ventilation contribute to higher absenteeism rates.

The quality of the food served is also impacted by inadequate ventilation since kitchen air contaminants remain indoors.
Many issues can be avoided with good maintenance.

How We Make Exhaust Cleaning Easy!

The daytime is for clients only! After business hours, long after the last client has departed and the kitchen has had time to cool down, we come in to conduct our cleaning. Even after midnight, we frequently begin working, and we don’t mind. We can arrive at a time that works best for your business and that you are comfortable with.

We want to make sure that regular cleaning does not in any way interfere with your operation. We’re proud to serve Coquitlam as the best local exhaust cleaning service. Our Coquitlam Exhaust cleaning team is certified, insured, licensed and bonded.


Reduce the risk of grease fires

Improve exhaust fan performance

Potentially lower insurance rates

Improve kitchen airflow

Prolong the service life

Call Degrease All

Eight situations to help you determine when you should call us:

  1. your kitchen exhaust hood clogged.
  2. the flue is not sucking air.
  3. the temperature in your restaurant feels hotter than usual or normal.
  4. you start to notice extra smoke in your kitchen.
  5. the door to your kitchen starts to blow open.
  6. your kitchen exhaust system is starting to make noise.
  7. your kitchen started smelling like stale food.
  8. You want to avoid all the above and keep your exhaust performing well for long time.